Lessons from Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti

Lessons from Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti

Godwin Godwin | 13 min read
3 weeks ago

The brilliant work of the production team for the movie "Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti" highlighted incredible lessons from the life of the matriarch.
This post discusses some of the lessons for our benefit.  It is my sincere wish that the thoughts here will not only be informative but also serve as a source of significant value to you. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and reactions in the comments section. 

Let's Begin
I highly recommend that you make a conscious effort to experience this cinematic piece firsthand, if you haven't. By doing so, you will undoubtedly gain personal insights into the narrative than what is provided in this post, perhaps even interpreting it in a completely unique manner. For those who have seen it, let’s explore together some of its lessons. 

Disclaimer: it is essential to note that the following review might potentially disclose certain key plot points and intricacies of the storyline. 

Meet the Icon

"Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti" emerges as a mesmerizing biopic delving into the life and impact of one of Nigeria's most influential females. The movie sheds light on Funmilayo’s transition from a devoted educator to a bold political crusader. Her encounters with significant historical personalities and her relations with her own family is captured gracefully with genuineness. 

Commencing with Funmilayo's formative years, the film highlights her unwavering commitment to education and community welfare. Progressing through the plotline, we witness her metamorphosis into a leading advocate for women's rights. Despite not being explicitly depicted in the film, Funmilayo also played a pivotal role in the endeavors towards Nigeria's independence in 1960 making her one of the most influential Nigerian and African woman yet. 

A summary of a life well lived

Let's get into the lessons;

 Today many young people and even older people are consistently praying, asking, worrying, and searching for their purpose. We have participated in various seminars, workshops, meetings, conferences, either physically or online, that aim to aid our journey to our purpose. 


Let me emphasize boldly on the subject; your purpose does not have to be global to hold significance. At times, we might feel like our purpose is not purposing because we are not featured on different podcasts, mentioned in the news, or used as an example by speakers and preachers to emphasize vision and impact. 


Find your purpose, your reason for being, and let it guide every decision you make

Focus brings power

Purpose becomes more evident when you address the burdens you observe. Prayer and advice can indeed assist you in this process, but you must also pay attention to what is calling out to you. Even the Bible instructs us to watch and pray! Therefore, do not solely spend your time crying and fasting to the Lord, but open your eyes and SEE, open your ears and HEAR. Your purpose is within reach! 


Ebuka Songs sang, "Jesus is calling my name... if you call my name, I will answer a billion times..." Similarly, ungodliness, the struggles of your generation, poverty, hunger, sickness, corruption, and other issues are also calling out to you! Please respond, perhaps not a billion times, but respond, for therein lies your purpose. 

Funmilayo went abroad, studied, and returned to establish and teach in a kindergarten!!! While working, she identified a problem that was not necessarily hers, but she responded upon hearing its call. 


The question remains; what problems are you encountering daily? 

What issues do you observe? 

How has your education, skills, or abilities equipped you? 


At times, we reject our purpose because it may not be glamorous or lead to fame. Your contribution to life may involve assisting market women in a village, children in a remote school, or elderly individuals in need of care. Embrace it and give it all you‘ve got! 

Whatever your hand finds to do or your heart is called to do, do it with all your heart!!! 

We first follow, then we lead

What an exceptional man her father was! 

I firmly believe that effective parenting plays a crucial role in a child's success. Psychologists suggest that all adult behavior is shaped by childhood experiences. This highlights the importance of nurturing strong individuals, which commences with having supportive fathers and mothers. 


Her father encouraged her curiosity and allowed her to learn and flourish in a world that often hindered women's progress. He advocated for her education, demonstrating how to think critically, take action, pursue goals, and challenge the norm! 


To all fathers reading this, strive to embody this man for your daughters and sons. If you are not yet a father, focus on personal growth and development. Engage in reading, seek wisdom from both men and women, learn, unlearn, and relearn. Let’s prepare our children for tomorrow not just fit them in today. 

A father is neither an anchor to hold us back, nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way 


Mr. Ransome-Kuti was a remarkable husband and Destiny partner. His presence and guidance empowered Funmi, giving her the strength to live up to her potential. 


He showed no fear in the face of his wife's fame and popularity. 

He allowed her the freedom to pursue her purpose without constraints. 

He was not just a man, but a father figure to Funmi and her children. 

He raised the children to be both thoughtful and proactive! 

He displayed emotional maturity and encouraged Funmi to embrace her individuality and shine. 

He never dimmed her light or closed any doors, but instead, he opened them wide. 


"A good husband makes a good wife." – John Florio

Step up, Look up

In the Bible, Jesus is depicted as the Bridegroom, and we, as believers, are considered his bride. Therefore, one way to comprehend marriage is by examining the connection between Christ and the Church. Let's delve into this concept further. 


When we pray in Jesus' name, we gain access to the Father and receive answers. He links us to our blessings. Similarly, a husband should provide opportunities for his wife to fulfill her purpose. He should be a link and bridge connecting her to her destiny. 

Just as Jesus taught, mentored, sacrificed, and uplifted the Church, a husband should also instruct, mentor, sacrifice for, and uplift his wife. 

Jesus did not seek to hog the spotlight; instead, he empowered and sent out his disciples to apply his teachings in various communities. Moreover, his departing words included "...greater works than this shall ye do." As a husband and partner, your role is not to overshadow your wife but to empower and invest in her so she can achieve great, and perhaps even greater, things than you. Support her and set her on the path to her destiny. 


Don’t just look for who will help you achieve your vision. Prepare to help her blossom beside you 


One important lesson to grasp here is that winning big is impossible by going solo. It is crucial to construct and encircle yourself with the correct voices. 


Who are your friends? 

Are they battle ready? 

Or will they abandon you when difficulties arise? 


My Senior Pastor - Dr. Pst. Paul Enenche - frequently emphasizes that "who surrounds you determines what you can confront" Funmilayo's resilience and determination were significantly fueled by the individuals around her. 

Make a deliberate effort to prioritize the voices that have access to your ears and mind. 

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller 

Find your people

It was heartening to witness how her comrades wholeheartedly believed in the cause, organizing the protest jointly, standing by her outside the palace, singing and protesting alongside her, and even staying with her in prison. 


They shielded her and refused to let her face the elders in the palace by herself. In cases where the leader of a movement is eliminated, it can swiftly impede the progress of the movement. 


The women were aware of this and stuck together. 


Mr. Olakunle Soriyan brilliantly said that “when the going gets tough, the tough seeks collaboration”. Merely persisting is insufficient; determination is not an independent variable, it relies on other elements. Your resolve can be enhanced with the appropriate company around you. 


Collaboration, Partnerships, teamwork, these words are crucial. Even Jesus needed men and women to function 

Hone your voice and release

Greatness demands preparation and Education is a refinery that reduces the flaws and impurities to allow for a purer version of your mind to released. I am not referring to just a university education. 

Education might entail reading, listening to podcasts, acquiring a skill, an apprenticeship, etc. Determine the next step in your learning journey and concentrate on it. Do not solely concentrate on the tangible (books, classes); focus on the intangible (mindset, mentality, and thought process). Your mind and brain play a crucial role in both surviving and flourishing. It is essential to nurture, feed, and prioritize them. Your present and future voice is linked to your choice. 

Her education honed her voice, granting it respect and esteem. 

Cease striving for respect or fame; enhance yourself, refine your mind, polish your thoughts, and then emerge, and repeat! Remember the words of Benjamin Franklin, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." 


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." – Nelson Mandela 

Cheers to the incredible cast and production team that brought this epic story to our screens.

We are grateful.

Cheers to the amazing women on screen here


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Wow 🔥🔥 This is super amazing and well detailed! Thanks for this awesome review. Is there need to still see this movie?😁 You did justice to this already.
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Thank you so much Godwin. I learned a lot. I'll convince my friends to watch with me.
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This amazing. I need to watch the real movie now
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This was beautifully put together, thank you for sharing your thoughts, I gained even more insight.
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Wow! This is so amazing. Thank you for the review Mr Godwin.